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Mikkeli – Excellent
Place to Study

Revitalised Mikkeli provides numerous study and leisure-related opportunities for students. Many students have stated affordable living costs, accessible services and leisure activities in the vicinity of the charming lakeside nature among the key factors for choosing Mikkeli as their place of studies.


Mikkeli is surprisingly centrally located. For example, a train ride from the bustling capital takes around two hours, and neighbouring cities provide several bus services per day.

Better service.

Downtown Mikkeli has seen significant development. The market square, which was selected as the most beautiful in Finland, now features a subterranean parking facility and two of the largest shopping centres in Eastern Finland. Various events, terraces, restaurants and charming boutiques contribute to the charm of the downtown area.


Many first-time visitors are pleasantly surprised by the friendliness and service attitude of Mikkeli residents. That does not mean it never rains in Mikkeli, but that is the exception to the rule. In Mikkeli it is easy to find a true friend, and the lack of jet-setting crowd of large cities makes it easy to meet new people!


Mikkeli is easy to navigate without a car. Almost all of our services are located within a walking or cycling distance, which creates significant transportation savings compared to large cities. But in case you feel tired, we do have a solid public transportation network .


ESEDU, MAMK and MUC campuses are located in the vicinity of the downtown area, within a 10-minute walk from the market square. The campuses are multi-faceted hubs of study, research and services, featuring a lively scene of international students .

Room With a
View of Saimaa?

Mikkeli offers a variety of student housing ranging from student housing located on the shore of Lake Saimaa and in-campus dormitories to apartment buildings and detached homes. The rent level and living costs are far below the metropolitan area prices. And if you feel like tuning out the city sounds, we also have other comfortable choices for accommodation.

Mikkeli offers studies at all levels of education, from vocational studies to internationally qualified university degrees. Find out more about programmes of our top institutions and head to Mikkeli: